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The sacred dancers of cambodia

A smile unites people - Our charity projects

In addition to our passion for teeth and our patients, it is a matter close to our heart to promote cultural exchange and to help where it is important and creates added value: for culture, infrastructure, sports or simply for the people themselves. Based on this approach, we as a dental practice are committed to such projects in our free time with a lot of passion: Whether it's international cultural sponsorship in Cambodia or local commitment to people in need and sports projects here in Munich.

  • The sacred dancers of Cambodia

    The SACRED DANCERS OF ANGKOR embody the authentic classical ballet of the Khmer, as recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, and bring to life the fascinating legends of the Mahabarrata and Ramayana as depicted on the reliefs of the Angkor Wat Temple.

    Since its establishment by Mrs. Ravynn Karet-Coxen in 1994, the Nginn Karet Foundation for Cambodia has been pursuing the goal of preserving the cultural heritage of Cambodian tradition and improving the living conditions of the local villagers through education and self-empowerment. In the course of this, literacy, primary school, agricultural and vocational training programmes are part of the foundation's programme.

    In addition to donations from all over the world, the foundation is financed to a large extent by performances of the Khmer classical ballet and promotes the training of interested young men and women to become the very same artists and performers - the Sacred Dancers of Angkor.

    By learning and mastering 4,500 hand gestures imbued with an emotional symbolism, the Sacred Dancers conjure up the spectrum of human emotions from the silent language of the apsaras. The performances draw from a vast repertoire of 40 dances and 60 dance dramas that embody traditional values such as elegance, respect and spirituality. The costumes are also inimitable as trademarks and are handmade by each dancer from natural fibres and painted with natural pigments.

    Seeing the Sacred Dancers is essential for those who want to explore the richness of Cambodia and the breathtaking beauty of the authentic Apsara. Promoting and preserving this cultural asset has become a special concern for us.

    Therefore, we have decided to generate donations from various sources. One of them is, for example, the entire amount of old gold crowns that we collect throughout the year in our practice, grind and sell again for a good cause.

    If we could inspire you to support and preserve this culture, you are welcome to donate as well. In addition to financial contributions, you can also support us through your commitment: You are welcome to carry on the project, share the history of the Sacred Dancers of Angkor and help us to support these sensitive artists and their families in their passion.

If you would like to help preserve this valuable cultural asset with donations, you can find more information here

  • ZONTA - Women empowering women

    Our friend and colleague, Dr. Gabriele 'Gabi' Gündel, has been involved with the international service club ZONTA for years outside of her professional activities.

    ZONTA is a worldwide association of working women in positions of responsibility who are committed to improving the life situation of women in legal, political, economic, health and professional perspectives.

    ZONTA was founded in 1919 in the USA and today extends over a network of 1200 clubs in over 60 countries. The clubs see themselves as non-partisan, non-denominational and ideologically neutral organizations in which international and local commitment to women is paramount.

    As an NGO of the first hour ZONTA has a consultative status and is in close cooperation with the UNO, the World Health Organization and the Council of Europe.

    Projects and commitments extend all over the world - in the form of measures against violence against women, the promotion of self-determination, the general strengthening of women's rights and the fight against discrimination.

    One of the most renowned local projects in the Munich area is the commitment to women in old age poverty. Within the framework of this project, Ms. Gündel participated in the creation of the website Vorsorge gegen Altersarmut (precaution against poverty in old age). Here, young women can obtain comprehensive information on the topic of poverty in old age and learn how they can protect themselves against it, for example by planning for retirement.  

    Here, too, we cordially invite you to improve the living conditions of women in your area and around the world with your support. In addition to financial support, the following also applies here: Take the project out into the world, tell your friends about it and stand up against discrimination against women wherever you can.

If you would like to support the ZONTA Club in Munich, another city or international ZONTA projects, you can find more information here