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Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour - Dentist at the dental practice Seehofer in Munich

Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour Your dentist for modern, innovative and aesthetic dentistry

Modern dentistry with attention to detail

The work as a dentist at the Seehofer dental practice

Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour is a specialist for aesthetic dentistry, dental prostheses, jaw function and minimally invasive prosthetics and implantology in our dental practice in the centre of Munich. Thanks to his broad expertise, his patients' teeth are never viewed in isolation, but always in connection with the body and its functions.

Dr. Saeidi Pour is a perfectionist. His motto: Maximum treatment success with minimally invasive treatment techniques. High-precision procedures protect teeth, gums, bones and body to the maximum extent while achieving the best aesthetic results. 

For dentist Reza Saeidi Pour, tooth preservation is always the focus of attention.

Function and aesthetics combined: An expert in many areas

Dr. Saeidi Pour completed his studies in dentistry at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich. In addition to his work as a dentist and research assistant at the University of Munich, he was also responsible for teaching and training dental students. He also completed the Master's degree in Dental Prosthetics at the University of Greifswald. Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour is specialized in the field of complex aesthetic-reconstructive dentistry, functional diagnostics and functional therapy, as well as minimally invasive and innovative treatment concepts in dental prosthetics and implantology.

The world is changing and so are the people. As dentists it is our task, but also a pleasure, to be part of this development.

The further development of dentistry and modern treatment options is close to Dr. Saeidi Pour's heart. He therefore appreciates the interdisciplinary cooperation both in Seehofer's practice and with other specialists or institutes. Together with master dental technician Otto Prandtner he founded the dental internet platform rezotto production. The aim of this platform is to exchange modern and innovative treatment concepts of dentistry with colleagues worldwide. This global exchange of knowledge enables the continuous development of modern and aesthetic dentistry. One of these areas is, for example, research into digital dentistry. The use of new and digital methods of diagnosis and treatment are also integrated with great interest in the daily practice routine at the Seehofer practice in Lehel.

Dr. Saeidi Pour is the author of numerous national and international scientific publications.

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The online platform rezotto production presents modern therapy concepts in the fields of dentistry, dental technology, implantology and oral surgery. In a variety of high-quality videos and scientific articles, renowned experts discuss and present new treatment concepts and medical philosophies.