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Bite splints in Munich

  • Bite splint für CMD and teeth grinding

    The so-called bite splint, also known as CMD splint, is used to treat CMD and teeth grinding on our patients. Overloading and incorrect loading, misalignment and teeth grinding can be effectively treated with splint treatments. Depending on the symptoms, they are individually made for upper and/or lower jaws in our in-house dental laboratory.

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  • Bite splint - treatment procedure

    When making an occlusal splint, the first step is to take an impression of the upper and/or lower jaw. This is produced digitally either with a plastic impression material or by means of a 3D scan. Based on this impression, our dental technician creates the bite splints in our practice laboratory. The insertion of the splints, how often and how long they should be worn, is discussed during the fitting in our dental practice. 

  • Bite splint - types

    Tooth splints can be used in different areas of dentistry and orthodontics to improve or eliminate the respective complaints of a patient. In our dental practice Seehofer in downtown Munich we work with different types of splints for this purpose.

    The so-called mock-ups are plastic shells that are created on the basis of a wax-up and simulate the teeth as they will look after a potential tooth correction. In this way, we enable our patients to have a look at their "new" teeth even before a correction is made. A similar principle is followed by the so-called snap-on splint, a temporary, removable and tooth-coloured temporary denture, which is fabricated in our in-house practice laboratory. 

    Bite splints for the treatment of CMD or crunching can be made of different materials:

  • Hard occlusal splint

    The hard occlusal splint is made of a transparent, plastic-like material, which is particularly effective for correcting malocclusions of the jaw, as it exerts much more pressure than a soft occlusal splint. 

  • Soft occlusal splint

    Soft dental splints are made of a rubber-like and transparent plastic. Wearing this splint is more comfortable for most patients because it gives way to the bite a little. 

  • Adjusted bite splint

    An adjusted bite splint is precisely adapted to the shape of the jaw in cooperation with our dental technician. Special indentations, grooves and reliefs provide for an equalization of the bite position. Treatment with an adjusted bite splint is intended to keep the jaw joints in a relaxed resting position and to significantly reduce teeth grinding. 

  • Non-adjusted bite splint

    The non-adjusted bite splint is made of a soft plastic material that prevents the teeth from being worn further by the grinding. It causes the chewing muscles to relax when grinding and biting together."

Further information

  • Bruxism - causes and symptoms

    The causes of so-called bruxism, the grinding of teeth at night, can vary greatly from patient to patient and can be triggered, for example, by stress (physical as well as emotional), a malposition of the jaw joints, anxiety, depression or medication. 

    Often affected people are not even aware that they grind their teeth until someone from their environment draws their attention to it. Classical symptoms, as bruxism may be able to detect, include headaches, tinnitus, back pain, jaw cracking, sleep disturbances, worn tooth surfaces and neck tension.

  • Bite splint - cleaning

    For a long durability of the splint, the right care and cleaning is especially important, so that bacteria have no chance to accumulate in the long term. With some liquid soap or washing-up liquid, the bite splint should be cleaned regularly (then wash it off thoroughly!).

    If it is worn mainly at night, cleaning in the morning is especially important. To remove stubborn plaque, place the splint in water once a week and add a dental cleaning stick. We also recommend storing it in a ventilated braces box, which should also be cleaned regularly.