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Dr. Peter Seehofer - Dentist in Munich

Dr. Peter Seehofer Our specialist for dentistry and dental aesthetics

Once upon a time, the goal of a dentist was to relieve the patient of pain and prevent further damage. Today we go beyond that. Our goal: to make our patients happy. 

The work as a dentist in the Seehofer dental practice

A healthy tooth is also always also a beautiful tooth.

Dr. Peter Seehofer is not only the eponym and patron of the practice, but also our specialist for modern dentistry and dental aesthetics. From periodontology and root canal treatment to aesthetic dentistry Dr. Seehofer's many years of experience and the expertise associated with it ensure the best possible treatment success for our patients with modern therapy concepts and instruments. Additional specializations in implant prosthetics, microinvasive surgery and laser therapy enable Dr. Peter Seehofer to take a holistic view of each individual patient case. His precise and quality-conscious approach characterizes all his dental treatments and guarantees your most beautiful smile.

The most valuable gift a dentist can give his patients is time.

Depending on the intervention or therapy, dental treatment can take a long time, which is often not very pleasant for patients. For Dr. Peter Seehofer, a good dentist is one who listens carefully to his patients and takes the time to understand all treatment wishes. It is equally important to explain the diagnosis and therapy options in detail, because only then can a patient decide what to do with his teeth. A good dentist also provides moral support during the treatment and takes away the fear of the individual steps. The well-being of the patient is always the first priority for Dr. Seehofer. This also extends beyond dental consultation and treatment - Peter Seehofer shows full commitment to his patients, especially when it comes to the reimbursement of certain services by health insurance companies.

For over 30 years I have been in Munich, taking care of your teeth.

Peter Seehofer began treating teeth while in the German Armed Forces and has now been working as a dentist for over 30 years. In 1987 he took over the practice in Lehel, which was founded in 1958. With nearly 300 continuing education courses, additional training courses and curricula, Dr. Seehofer has acquired extensive expertise in all areas of dentistry. In 2014, the practice was comprehensively expanded by competent and highly trained specialists. Thus, even very complex cases can be comprehensively treated with the expertise of all four experts. Our many years of experience with (private and statuary) health insurance companies and reimbursement agencies ensure that patients in our practice in Munich receive a treatment plan with which they are completely satisfied.

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Charitable work

Outside of practice, Dr. Seehofer has been involved for years at local and international level in the promotion of sports and culture. He supports the local sports club Olympiadorf M√ľnchen with donations in kind and by raising awareness.

Another project has its origin in private travels in Cambodia. Since 2017 our practice has been supporting the continuation of the Khmer classical ballet in the form of the Sacred Dancers of Angkor in Cambodia through donations and by raising public awareness.

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