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Dentist in Munich for patients with dental anxiety- Dr. Peter Seehofer

Your dentist for patients with dental anxiety in munich

  • Dental anxiety - Treatment options

    You have bad teeth and are afraid of the dentist? You get a queasy feeling in your stomach, anxiety or even panic attacks just by thinking about the dentist? In our Seehofer Dental Practice in downtown Munich, we offer patients suffering from dental anxiety or dental phobia a cautious approach without pain and completely free of fear. Make an appointment now!

    In an initial consultation, which for anxious patients is initially conducted completely without a treatment chair, we discuss your complaints and fears and answer all your questions about the treatment. This is followed by a careful examination of your teeth and gums in order to plan the further procedure. At the beginning we explain the individual steps of the examination, which is completely painless for you.

    Based on the diagnosis, we can now go through various treatment options with you at your leisure. Depending on the severity of the dental findings and on your individual perception of pain, treatment in our dental practice in Lehel can be considered under local anaesthesia, nitrous oxide, twilight sleep or general anaesthesia. In order to choose the treatment that is right for you, we will discuss the possibilities with you in detail. For example, even mild sedatives or relaxing music to block out sounds can make a significant difference to the patient's experience. 

    Throughout the entire treatment, we accompany you step by step and you always remain in control. You can fully rely on our specialists, who will take care with great empathy to help you get back a beautiful and healthy smile. 

  • Tips for patients with dental anxiety

    You're afraid of the dentist? Do you have a bad feeling when thinking about an examination? You are not alone!

    1. Talk about your fear

    Talk to people close to you about your fear of the dentist. Confiding in someone who takes you seriously can be very relieving.

    2. Exchange with other anxiety patients

    Some patients find it difficult to confide in people close to them. However, forums and groups in social networks can also be used anonymously and you can discuss your fears with other patients without pressure! You are not alone with your fear and it is good to find like-minded people who understand your situation and can give you courage.

    3. Take the first step!

    You have been struggling for years to make a dentist appointment and already suffer from toothache? Summarize your courage and take the first step. Small steps are already a beginning. First make an appointment in our practice and let our specialists advise you without examination and pressure!