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Aesthetic dental crowns in Munich

  • What are tooth crowns?

    The so-called dental crown is the artificial replacement of a defective, natural tooth crown. If the tooth is damaged, for example by severe caries or accidents, which cannot be repaired by a simple filling or inlay, the dental crown offers an alternative to restore aesthetics and chewing function. The broken tooth is completely enclosed by the crown. 

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  • Dental crowns - preparation and treatment procedure

    As before every treatment, we will have a detailed conversation in a first step and advise you on the dental options in your individual case. The basic requirements for placing a dental crown are a firmly anchored tooth root and healthy gums. The tooth to be crowned is prepared and receives a professional polish so that the crown can later be fitted precisely. 

    In order to measure the tooth stump precisely and produce an accurately fitting dental crown, either a conventional impression is made using a plastic impression material or a digital impression is taken using a 3D scanner. This step is usually more comfortable for the patient than taking a conventional dental impression.

    Based on the impression, the dental crown will be created individually for you in our in-house dental laboratory. For an aesthetic and natural result, the colour of the crown is matched to that of the other teeth. To protect your tooth from cold and heat influences in the meantime, it will be provided with a temporary denture. If the crown is made a few days later, it can be used instead of the provisional one. With the help of a special adhesive, the crown is then placed directly on the remaining tooth substance. 

  • Dental crowns - types and material

    Which material is used for the crowning of a tooth depends, among other things, on the position of the tooth and the individual needs of the patient and is usually also a question of cost. Due to the numerous advantages of ceramic crowns, we usually recommend them in our Seehofer dental practice. They convince by their natural aesthetics, long durability and are hardly distinguishable from real teeth for outsiders.

    In principle the patient can choose from the following materials: 

    • Metal and all-cast crowns (mostly used in the non-visible area on molars)
    • Combination of metal and full ceramic (so-called VMK crowns)
    • All-ceramic crowns
    • Plastic crowns as a long-term provisional solution


Further information

  • Dental crowns - durability

    The durability of a dental crown depends on various factors. In principle, however, they can have a fairly long life span between 5 to 15 years and more. Pay attention to healthy oral hygiene, regular prophylaxis and professional tooth cleaning and wear a protective splint when your teeth grind at night - this way you can contribute to the durability of your crown yourself.