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Aesthetic partial crowns (onlays) and inlays in Munich

  • What are onlays and inlays?

    An inlay (or inlay filling) is a long-term alternative to the conventional tooth filling. If the tooth is to be treated over a long period of time, an inlay is the right choice. In contrast to dental fillings, which have to be renewed at regular intervals, inlays last for decades if they are well cared for.

    An onlay is merely a particularly large inlay and is also called an overlay or partial crown. In our dental practice Seehofer in downtown Munich, we generally recommend inlays or onlays made of ceramic to our patients, as they show the best long-term results and withstand all stresses and strains.

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  • Partial crowns and inlays - production and treatment procedure

    The treatment procedure for inserting partial crowns and inlays is very similar. After a detailed consultation, photographs of the current tooth situation are taken at the beginning of the treatment. This is done in our dental practice Seehofer either by means of a plastic impression material or digitally using a 3D scan, which saves the patient an unpleasant dental impression. 

    The inlay or partial crown is then manufactured in our in-house practice laboratory based on your individual dental situation. About one to two weeks after taking the dental impression, the tooth piece is finished and can now be inserted. Until this time, we provide the corresponding tooth with a temporary denture. The inlay or partial crown is attached with a special adhesive to guarantee stability and bite resistance.

  • Partial crowns and inlays - types and material

    If a damaged tooth can no longer be repaired with a conventional tooth filling, the insertion of inlays, so-called inlay fillings, is necessary. Due to the numerous advantages, we recommend inlays made of full ceramics to our patients. They are hardly distinguishable from natural teeth for outsiders and have a particularly long durability and biocompatibility.

    Partial crowns (or also called onlays, 3/3 crowns or table tops) are necessary if a tooth has been damaged, for example by a larger carious hole or an accident, and part of the tooth needs to be replaced. Even in the case of a partial crown, we generally recommend the use of ceramic, as ceramic partial crowns meet the highest aesthetic demands and are particularly bite-resistant and well tolerated.

Further information

  • Onlays and inlays - durability

    If you decide on an inlay or onlay made of ceramic, you can look forward to a particularly long durability. With good care, regular oral hygiene and prophylaxis as well as professional tooth cleaning, the ceramic inlay or onlay can last a lifetime. Basically, however, the durability of inlays and onlays depends on their location and size and how much they are exposed to daily wear and tear. However, at our Seehofer Dental Practice we would be happy to give you additional tips and tricks for the long-term care of inlays and onlays and answer any further questions you may have.