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Professional dental cleaning and prophylaxis at the dentist in Munich

  • What is a professional teeth cleaning?

    Professional dental cleaning (PTC) is an intensive cleaning of the tooth surfaces, interdental spaces and the edges of the gums using special instruments. Special micro-powder jet devices remove bacterial accumulations, germs and plaque where the toothbrush cannot reach. This thorough cleaning prevents the development of caries and periodontitis. 

  • What is dental prophylaxis?

    Dental prophylaxis means all measures that prevent dental diseases. These include regular check-ups at the dentist and professional dental cleaning. For long-term oral health, however, the correct care and cleaning of teeth at home is crucial. In our Seehofer Dental Practice we give you individual tips on the right oral care and nutrition. Make an appointment for professional dental cleaning and prophylaxis now!

  • Further possibilities for dental cleaning and prevention in our practice

    Our comprehensive dental prophylaxis in our Seehofer Dental Practice in downtown Munich includes a caries screening. With the help of a saliva and DNA gum test, the type and number of pathogens that cause caries and periodontitis can be determined. These prophylactic examinations enable our dentists in the Seehofer dental practice to take individually tailored preventive and treatment measures. In addition, a so-called digital tooth pocket screening immediately indicates negative changes, which can thus be treated in the early stages.

    If diseases such as periodontitis are suspected, x-rays can also be taken for diagnosis. For particularly stubborn plaque and tartar, we have the so-called Air-Flow® system in our practice. This enables a particularly gentle removal of tartar, plaque and tooth discolouration. Our Slim Line System is used for gentle cleaning with ultrasound and helps you achieve beautiful and smooth teeth. An intraoral micro-jet unit of the latest generation can also be used for severe stains.

    In our dental practice Seehofer we offer our patients the best possible dental care with modern equipment - for a beautiful and radiant smile!.

  • Professional teeth cleaning and dental prophylaxis - procedure and duration

    The first step of a professional tooth cleaning (PTC) is a comprehensive examination of the current tooth situation (with the help of electronic PA On probes with digital value acquisition/progress controls). In addition, we explain the individual steps of the treatment to you before the teeth are cleaned.

    Now our specially trained dental hygienist or ZMPs (dental prophylaxis assistants) start to remove plaque and tartar from the tooth surfaces. Then the teeth, interdental spaces and the gum line are removed from deposits and particles. A special polish smoothes the tooth surfaces and makes it particularly difficult for bacteria to adhere. The application of fluoride varnish or gel protects the teeth and prevents caries and bacterial accumulation. With our special gum regeneration programme we prevent tooth and gum disease.

    Finally, you will receive individual advice on how to improve your daily oral care. In addition, each of our patients receives an individually compiled dental and oral hygiene set after the initial and follow-up treatment. This allows you to start changing your oral hygiene immediately. 

    On average, professional dental cleaning takes between 45 - 90 minutes, so you should bring some time with you.

  • Professional dental cleaning and prophylaxis - costs and health insurance

    In principle, professional dental cleaning and prophylaxis is a private service for insured persons, as it is not a compulsory service of the health insurance companies. In the meantime, however, many health insurance companies are covering part or all of the costs as a voluntary service. It is advisable to clarify the assumption of costs with your own health insurance company/insurer in advance of dental treatment. 

    With statutory health insurance companies, the voluntary flat-rate reimbursement can be between 20-50 percent. With private supplementary dental insurance, this flat rate can rise to 30-90 percent, depending on the agreed tariff. With a private comprehensive health insurance, depending on the respective policy, between 40 and 100 percent of the costs are covered by the health insurance company. 

Further information

  • Is professional dental cleaning and dental prophylaxis necessary?

    For healthy teeth, regular dental prophylaxis and professional teeth cleaning is essential to prevent caries, periodontosis and bad breath and to detect them early. 

  • How long does a professional dental cleaning take?

    A professional dental cleaning in our dental practice Seehofer takes about 45 - 90 minutes, depending on the extent.

  • PTC and dental prophylaxis - pain

    A professional dental cleaning in our dental practice Seehofer in the centre of Munich is usually painless. Our specially trained dental hygienists and ZMPs are particularly gentle when cleaning your teeth in order to effectively remove plaque from the tooth surfaces. However, some teeth can be a little sensitive, especially with exposed tooth necks. Normally, however, you will not feel more than light pressure on the tooth surfaces. 

  • PTC and dental prophylaxis during pregnancy

    Thorough dental care is extremely important for pregnant women, as the gums are usually more sensitive and the risk of tooth decay due to possible vomiting is increased. Even during pregnancy, professional dental cleaning and dental prophylaxis should therefore not be neglected in order to prevent possible inflammations. We would be happy to advise you individually in our practice. You will also receive a detailed information sheet from us.

  • 5 tips for proper dental care

    1. Brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day

    2. the right cleaning technique is essential

    3. hardly ever use dental floss, but small SOLOMED dental brushes to clean the spaces between your teeth

    4. be sure to use a fluoride toothpaste

    5. two to four times a year for professional tooth cleaning and dental prophylaxis at the dentist (depending on the condition of the gums).