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Beautiful woman with bright white teeth - Teeth whitening in Munich

Gentle teeth whitening in Munich

  • White teeth with UV-Bleaching - Functionality

    In a bleaching, also called in-office bleaching, a concentrated whitening gel is applied to the teeth. The substances act for up to 30 minutes. During this chemical process oxygen is released, which penetrates the tooth surfaces and whitens discoloured teeth. In our dental practice Seehofer in the centre of Munich we have a special UV lamp, which increases the bleaching effect of the gel.

    Look forward to white teeth and a beautiful smile!

  • Bleaching - treatment procedure and duration

    As before every treatment at the Seehofer Dental Practice, we first discuss the current dental situation with you and then carry out a thorough examination. The optimal degree of whitening can already be determined, so that the teeth can be whitened in a natural way and the final result will meet your expectations. Depending on the individual tooth colour or discolouration and the structure of the teeth, we recommend our patients to choose an appropriate shade. 

    Before the actual bleaching of the teeth is started, we now carry out a professional tooth cleaning to thoroughly remove soft and hard plaque and impurities from all tooth surfaces. In most cases an optical brightening of the teeth is already achieved in this step. Professional tooth cleaning is crucial for a long-lasting result of the UV bleaching, as the teeth can better accept the treatment.

    The application of a special gel ensures the protection of the gums during the UV bleaching process. Now the actual bleaching agent is carefully applied to the tooth surfaces and activated by the special UV light. Without affecting the tooth structure itself, the discoloured tooth surfaces are considerably brightened. The different degrees of discoloration of the teeth are taken into account and, if necessary, individually adjusted.

    The treatment itself takes about one hour.

  • Dental whitening - costs and health insurance

    Teeth whitening is a purely cosmetic service and can therefore not be billed by health insurance companies or private insurance companies/aid agencies. We charge for these services of our specially trained experts for dental cosmetic applications according to time spent and material consumption. 

Further information

  • Is bleaching harmful to the teeth?

    A professionally performed tooth bleaching is not harmful to the teeth. Gums, dentine and enamel are not affected by UV bleaching in our Seehofer dental practice. We would be happy to advise you individually and answer any further questions you may have if you are thinking of having your teeth bleached!

  • Teeth whitening - How long does it last?

    The brightening effect of UV bleaching usually lasts for several years. To maintain the tooth colour, we recommend a Refresh Bleaching every 12 months. The duration of treatment with a Refresh is much shorter and therefore also cheaper.

    In order to maintain the effect as long as possible, you should ideally avoid foods and beverages such as red wine, coffee and nicotine, which discolour the teeth. Especially the first 10-14 days after whitening, we recommend to consume only food according to the so-called white diet" to achieve an optimal and long-lasting result. This includes, as the name suggests, white or light foods such as rice, potatoes, bananas, pasta, chickpeas, etc. ".