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Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour during a treatment at the dental practive Seehofer in Munich.

Aesthetic veneers for beautiful teeth in Munich

  • What are veneers?

    Veeners are paper-thin, translucent ceramic shells that are usually applied to the front teeth to improve their appearance. The veneers are individually adapted and are not visible to outsiders. They thus enable a naturally beautiful smile. 

  • Veneers - fabrication and treatment procedure

    After a detailed consultation and examination of your current oral situation, we will explain the individual steps of the treatment to you. Before the actual application of the ceramic veneers, the anterior teeth are carefully cleaned and minimally roughened in order to guarantee an optimal hold. In our dental practice Seehofer we also offer the possibility of treating so-called non-prep veneers, which can be applied without grinding the front teeth.

    Once the teeth have been prepared accordingly, we take an impression of the teeth or jaw for the production of the veneers in our in-house dental laboratory. These are made to fit your teeth exactly and the tooth colour is also individually matched. For the transition, we provide the prepared teeth with plastic temporary restorations. Once the individual ceramic veneers have been made, the temporaries can be replaced. With the help of a special adhesive, the ceramic veneers are precisely attached in a final step.

    The treatment takes about 30 - 45 minutes per veneer. Make an appointment in our practice now!

  • Veneers - Costs and health insurance

    Treatment with veneers is generally regarded by statutory and private health insurance companies as a purely aesthetic measure, so the costs are not generally not reimbursed. If the dentist justifies a medical necessity for the treatment, in individual cases a proportionate cost coverage may be necessary. In most cases, however, the health insurance companies refer to treatment with a crown in such cases and refuse to reimburse the costs. This also applies to supplementary dental insurance.

    Non-prep veneers, which are included in some tariffs, are an exception. However, (proportional) reimbursement can also be refused without a medical necessity.

    It is advisable to discuss the assumption of costs with your own health insurance company/health insurance provider in advance of treatment with veneers. You will of course receive an exact and detailed treatment plan with all predictable details from our administrative experts beforehand. 

  • Veneers - types and material

    A basic distinction is made between veneers made of plastic and ceramic. Ceramic veneers offer special advantages compared to plastic veneers and convince among other things by their long life span and high-quality processing. From an aesthetic point of view, ceramic veneers make the smile look more natural and are particularly biocompatible. Because of the various advantages, we generally recommend ceramic veneers to our patients at Seehofer's dental practice.

    The application of these veneers is a particularly gentle and effective method of correcting slight tooth misalignments, tooth gaps and chipped or dead teeth and is ideal for concealing tooth discoloration. With thin ceramic veneers, we can help you in our practice to achieve a beautiful and natural smile with which you feel comfortable! 


Further information

  • Veneers - durability

    High-quality ceramic veneers have a particularly high durability and can remain on the teeth for up to 10 years or more without causing problems or aesthetic disadvantages.