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Frequently asked questions regarding implantology

  • How long does it take to heal after a dental implant treatment?

    The healing phase after the insertion of a dental implant depends on the individual bone quality and the healing process. In general, you can expect a recovery time of about 3 months for inserted dental implants in the upper and lower jaw. 

  • My ceramic implant broke. What can I do?

    Should a ceramic implant break off, this can have various causes, such as inflammation of the gums or a material defect. In most cases, a broken implant does not cause any pain, but in any case you should visit our Seehofer dental practice immediately so that we can restore function and aesthetics. Please do not try to reinsert or glue the implant yourself. 

  • After how many years do you get a new dental prosthesis?

    The subsidy for a new full dental prosthesis can be applied for at the health insurance company every two years

  • How long does a dental prosthesis last?

    First modifications of a dental prosthesis are usually necessary after 8-10 years due to wear and tear. All in all, dentures have an average service life of 10-15 years

  • A tooth has broken out of its denture. What should I do?

    If a piece of a tooth or even an entire tooth from the denture is broken, only the dental technician can make a professional repair. Therefore, please make an appointment immediately at our Seehofer dental practice. In order to prevent possible injuries caused by sharp edges, you can stick chewing gum on the corresponding area.

  • How long do you feel pain after a dental implantation?

    Most patients feel the pain after a dental implantation as less severe than the removal of the tooth. So the worst is over. As a rule, after gentle implantation, the healing process is trouble-free. Depending on the individual constitution and wound healing, this can take a few days to weeks.

    A complete adhesion of bone and implant takes place after three months. In the meantime, pain is rather rare.   

    If you experience repeated acute pain on the implant, the following applies: seek consultation with your dentist and discuss prophylactic measures and regular follow-up examinations to avoid complications with your new dental implant. 

    We will be happy to advise you and help you to make the healing process as fast and painless as possible through regular checks and prophylaxis.