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Dr. Michael Berthold and Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour - Specialists for dental implants in Munich

Ceramic implants in Munich

  • Ceramic implants - All advantages at a glance

    Ceramic implants offer several advantages over conventional implants:

    • The ceramic implant is a white metal-free dental implant and therefore very well tolerated. There is no threat of allergies or intolerances.
    • Ceramic implants are especially suitable for patients with very thin and sensitive gums. They do not shimmer through and the gums grow better to the implant.
    • The risk of inflammation is much lower compared to conventional implants, as bacteria cannot settle so easily. 
    • Aesthetics: The colour of ceramic implants most closely matches the natural tooth colour.

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  • Ceramic implants - treatment procedure and duration

    For the treatment with a ceramic implant, the first step is to take pictures of the jaw in our dental practice in the center of Munich. With the help of a special 3D scanner, the images can be displayed digitally and enable precise treatment planning. In addition, carious teeth are treated in advance to ensure the oral health of the patient, so that the treatment is not endangered. In some instances, bone augmentation is necessary to ensure that the dental implant can be anchored in a long-term and stable manner.

    The implant is inserted under local anaesthetic and on an ambulant basis so that you can recover at home after the treatment. Patients with dental fears are also offered other sedation options at our implantology clinic in Lehel, so that they are not aware of the procedure.

    After the anaesthetic, the mucous membrane over the area where the ceramic implant is to be placed is opened with a small incision. A special drill is then used to prepare a small hole into which the implant root is inserted and a temporary denture is screwed on. The inserted implant will merge with the jawbone substance within the next 3-4 months and can then be restored with an aesthetic crown. The insertion of the dental implant in our dental practice in downtown Munich usually takes no longer than about an hour.

  • Metal-free dental implant - For allergy patients

    The standard material used for dental implants is titanium, as this material has proven to be particularly biocompatible and durable. Nevertheless, some patients develop an intolerance or even an allergy to the metal. In this case, metal-free ceramic implants are suitable, as no allergic reactions occur here. 

  • Ceramic implants - Durability

    Ceramic implants can last up to 10 years and more. With good oral hygiene and if care is taken to keep the oral cavity free of inflammation, ceramic implants can also last a lifetime.