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Immediate implants at the Implantology Munich

  • The new alternative to the classic dental implant

    The so-called immediate implant is a particularly popular alternative to the conventional dental implant, as the implant is inserted immediately after the tooth is removed. This means that there is no need to wait until the wound has healed, thus saving a lot of time. The advantage of an immediate implant is therefore that the number of surgical procedures is considerably reduced. The method with an immediate implant is therefore ideal if a tooth has to be extracted and a jawbone reconstruction is not necessary.

    After extraction, i.e. pulling the tooth, the immediate implant is placed in the empty space where the tooth root was previously anchored. This procedure enables a particularly fast and uncomplicated ingrowth in the jaw. Patients who have a healthy jawbone and require little or no jaw augmentation are particularly suitable, so that the immediate implant can be firmly anchored. If a small amount of bone augmentation is required, this can be performed in one step with the immediate implant placement.

    For patients whose jawbone has already resorbed to a greater extent, conventional dental implants or fixed dental bridges offer the best solution. We would be pleased to advise you individually in our dental practice Seehofer on the various possibilities and help you to achieve a radiant smile. Make an appointment now!

  • The immediate implant in Munich

    If you decide to place an immediate implant, there are two options. The immediate implant with conventional screw technique or the so-called Replicate Tooth System. The condition for placement of an immediate implant is that the original tooth is still in the jaw. 

    Conventional dental implants are inserted into the jawbone with the aid of a titanium screw. This replaces the root of the missing tooth and, after insertion, is first fitted with a temporary denture and then with a ceramic crown or other denture. The insertion of an implant counteracts the deterioration of the jaw. In addition, they can have a durability of several decades, although this is always dependent on many individual factors. 

    The Replicate Tooth System promises an even gentler variant to the immediate implant with screw technique, since additional preparation of the tooth socket is not necessary. This is achieved by a lifelike reproduction of the tooth to be replaced from the root to the crown. After the extraction of the tooth, the replicated root is inserted and during the healing process a temporary crown is placed, which is attached to one or more neighbouring teeth. Once the artificial tooth root has grown together with the jawbone, the temporary crown is replaced by the final crown in the shape and colour of the original, natural tooth after about 4 - 6 months. Find out more about our RepliDent dental treatment at our Seehofer practice, which specializes in dental-analog implants.