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Orthodontist Munich Lehel - Dr. Gabriele Gündel during treatment

Orthodontics for children and adolescents in Munich

  • Our range of treatments

    Does your child require orthodontic treatment? A specific orthodontic treatment is suitable for every form and degree of malocclusion of the teeth.

    For example, fixed braces are recommended for pronounced malocclusions because they can have a very specific effect on the teeth. The so-called lingual technique is very popular, as it is not visible from the outside. Here the brackets are attached to the inside of the teeth where the wire also runs. But also externally fixed appliances can be aesthetically pleasing and discrete by using tooth-coloured ceramic brackets. 

    In less pronounced malocclusions, teeth can be treated effectively with Invisalign®splints. The transparent splints have the advantage that they are barely visible to the patient and can be easily removed and replaced for eating, drinking and daily dental and oral care. Removable braces, which only have to be worn at night, are also used for slight malocclusions. After successful orthodontic treatment, the teeth are held in the correct position with a retainer

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  • Early orthodontic treatment

    Early orthodontic treatment refers to the treatment of children between the ages of 4 and 9 years. In some cases it can be useful to start treatment already in the primary or mixed dentition in order to counteract developing malocclusions of the teeth.

    If, for example, a milk tooth is lost, either through an accident or severe caries, the resulting gap is kept open for the following tooth with the help of a so-called gap holder. In addition, habits of small children such as thumb-sucking can lead to an open bite. Orthodontic early treatment is also used for other malformations of the head and face or for very severe malpositioning of the teeth or jaw.

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