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Coronavirus Munich: Online video consultation in your dental practice Seehofer in Munich Lehel

We do not want to leave all those who are at home alone with their dental concerns. Especially if it is an emergency. That is why we now offer you the possibility of an online video consultation, so that we can continue to offer you personal advice.

  • This is how online-consultation works

    Using the online consultation hour is kept as simple as possible for you and does not require any further registration in another portal. The online consultation hour works like a video call on your telephone.

    Here's how it works:

    1. You make an appointment with us on the phone as usual. You can reach the practice at

    089/29 88 88

    1. We will send you a code by e-mail or SMS.
    2. You enter this code directly on the homepage of This will take you to a virtual waiting room.
    3. Your doctor will "pick you up" at the agreed time and the Video Online consultation hour will start.
    4. In addition to the video call you can also write to us and exchange documents, photos and files such as x-rays or treatment plans with us.


    All you need is an Internet connection, a microphone and a webcam (internal or external). The browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and the platforms Android, iOS and Microsoft are supported.

    So if, for example, you don't know whether your case is a dental emergency requiring immediate treatment, have questions about the further course of your treatment, or simply want a personal consultation, please feel free to call us at the practice.

    If you also have further questions about the online consultation, please contact us by phone and we will discuss everything else with you.

    We wish you much strength and health in this difficult time.
    Your practice team Seehofer

Further information

  • How safe is online-consultation?

    The online consultation hour is - just like your personal appointment in our practice - subject to medical confidentiality. The doctors are alone in your office for this purpose and ensure that an undisturbed exchange with you can take place. The channel is also protected so that no third parties can access exchanged data or messages. The portal is certified according to the internet privacy standards and is committed to the highest standards of data and consumer protection.

  • Who pays for online-consultation?

    The online consultation hour is covered by your health insurance. We will settle the bill with your health insurance company - so there are no additional costs or effort for you.