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Dr. Michael Berthold - Oralchirurg in der Praxis Seehofer in M√ľnchen

Oral surgery: Our range of services

We offer you all the services of modern oral surgery - professionally, gently and precisely performed by Dr. Michael Berthold, our experienced specialist dentist for oral surgery. 

If your concern is not represented in our range of services, we would be pleased to advise you in a personal consultation on your individual therapy. 

Gentle tooth removal and tooth exposure in Munich

Tooth extractions and tooth exposures are carried out professionally and with great care. Depending on the treatment and individual complaints, we will recommend the optimal anaesthesia for you. 

We offer pain-sensitive patients and anxious patients treatment in twilight sleep, nitrous oxide sedation or general anaesthesia. Our dentists are happy to meet your wishes and find the optimal anaesthesia for your needs together with you. We provide you with a painless and pleasant treatment!