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Dr. Michael Berthold - Oral Surgeon at the dental practice Seehofer in Munich

Aesthetic gum correction in Munich

  • Reasons for a gum correction

    The reasons for an aesthetic gum correction can be different, but they have the same goal: an aesthetic and beautiful smile!

    For example, an excess of gums can lead to a so-called gummy smile, because there is an optical imbalance between the tooth and the gums. If, on the other hand, there is too little gum, which can be congenital or caused by diseases such as periodontitis or a recession of the gums, an imbalance also develops, which can be clearly visible to outsiders and can therefore be very unpleasant for the person concerned. Another reason can be the uneven course of the gums, as this disturbs the gum aesthetics. 

    The causes for the occurrence of gum recession, gum smile or an uneven course of the gums can be quite different. Genetic predisposition, inadequate oral hygiene, personal lifestyle or even a gum disease such as periodontitis can be responsible for an aesthetic imbalance. 

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  • Gum correction - treatment procedure

    Depending on the desired goal of the intervention, we offer different therapy methods in our dental practice Seehofer in downtown Munich. 

    Treat receding gums
    In the case of a receding gum, also called gingival recession, tissue from the palate is transplanted onto the exposed tooth necks. The tissue is fixed in the appropriate places, covering the tooth necks again.

    Reduce excess gum 
    If the gums are too pronounced, also known as gummy smile, we offer patients in our Seehofer Dental Practice the removal of gums using a special laser. By removing excess gum, the teeth appear larger and the proportion of tooth and gum is brought into balance. Often the application of veneers can additionally support this effect, if desired. 

    Straighten uneven gums
    Patients often have too much gum on some teeth and too little gum on other teeth and are bothered by the uneven appearance. For the treatment of uneven gums, we use a combination of the above mentioned treatment methods in our dental practice Seehofer in the centre of Munich.

Further information

  • Laser-aided gum correction

    We offer our patients with excess gums a laser-aided correction of the gums . The treatment is particularly gentle, highly precise and ensures a harmonious gum line. 

  • Treat receding gums - gum lift

    A gum lift is an option for patients who suffer from receding gums. This can be caused or promoted by periodontitis, teeth grinding or even an incorrect brushing technique. With a gum lift, the gums are pushed back into the correct position. This is a highly precise and individual treatment measure of aesthetic periodontal surgery. The progress of the treatment depends on the degree of gingival recession. We would be pleased to advise you on a gum lift and your individual possibilities personally in our Seehofer dental practice. 

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