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Dr. Michael Berthold - Oral surgeon in munich at the dental practice Seehofer

Tooth transplantation in Munich

  • What is a tooth transplantation?

    In a tooth transplantation, a tooth is placed in another part of the jaw. The maxillofacial surgery is usually performed to close gaps between teeth and offers an alternative to the use of dental implants and dental bridges. We recommend the transplantation of a tooth in case of premature loss, for example due to caries or an accident, to restore aesthetics and function. The transplantation of one's own teeth offers a particular advantage, as no incompatibilities or allergies can occur. 

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  • Tooth transplantation - treatment procedure and duration

    The removal and insertion of the tooth into the corresponding area of the jaw is done in our dental practice Seehofer in only one appointment under local anaesthesia and as an outpatient. We are happy to offer other sedation options to anxious patients or patients who are sensitive to noise, such as treatment in twilight sleep - this way you will not notice anything of the procedure. Often a wisdom tooth is placed in the place of a lost molar.

    First of all, the receiving region is prepared, the mucous membrane at the jawbone site is opened and, if necessary, a small hole is drilled into the jawbone to be able to insert the tooth later. Now the tooth is carefully removed and inserted at the intended location. There it is fixed to the neighbouring teeth with the help of a special splint so that it can grow in. The removal site is provided with self-dissolving sutures. A tooth transplantation takes about one hour.