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Frequently asked questions at the orthodontist

  • How long must I wear my braces?

    For children and adolescents, the duration of treatment with fixed braces is usually about 1.5 - 2 years. For adults, the duration of treatment depends on the intensity of the malocclusion and the desired treatment goal

  • My removable braces hurt. What can I do?

    An uncomfortable feeling when wearing loose braces should not be a cause for concern at first. Particularly a mild feeling of tightness in the first few days after receiving the braces is completely normal, as they have to exert a certain amount of pressure on the teeth to move them into the desired position. After a short acclimatisation phase of a few days, the feeling of pressure usually subsides.

    If no improvement is in sight even after a few days, you should contact us so that we can check the braces' settings and correct them if necessary. Do not try to adjust the wire elements yourself.

  • My removable braces are broken (e.g. wire broken). What can I do?

    In case of problems with the removable braces, e.g. by loosening a wire, please contact us at our orthodontic department in downtown Munich. You should make an appointment as soon as possible for the repair of the braces. Until then you can cover the defective area with some silicone wax. Please do not try to straighten the braces yourself, as this is usually accompanied by a loss of function of the braces. 

  • My removable braces got lost. What happens now?

    If you lose your braces, please contact your health insurance company or our orthodontist in Munich city centre so that we can report the loss. Whether the costs for the lost braces are covered by your health insurance depends on the individual case as well as the goodwill of the health insurance company.

  • My removable braces smell unpleasant. What can I do about it?

    If the braces start to smell unpleasant, this is usually due to insufficient cleaning. Bacteria accumulate on the surfaces and cause an unpleasant smell. Therefore, we recommend cleaning the braces once or twice a day with special cleaning foam or organic detergent and a soft toothbrush and then rinsing them thoroughly with warm water to remove all particles.
    It is also recommended to put the braces in water with special cleaning tabs on a regular basis. Toothpaste should not be used for cleaning, as it contains particles that roughen the surface of the braces and can cause them to discolour more easily. 

  • What should one not eat with fixed braces?

    After the fixed braces are put on, we recommend avoiding very hard foods, such as very hard bread crusts or nuts. Sticky foods such as caramel sweets or similar should also be avoided. You will receive precise instructions when the braces are put on in our orthodontics practice in the centre of Munich, where we will be happy to answer all your questions on this subject.

  • How long does it take to remove fixed braces?

    The removal of fixed braces usually takes about 30 - 60 minutes. 

  • What can I do if I have a toothache from my braces?

    Initial toothache after the braces are fitted is normal. After a short period of acclimatisation, however, they should subside. If this is not the case, please contact our orthodontist in the centre of Munich so that we can check the alignment of the braces and correct it if necessary.

  • The wire on my retainer broke. What can I do?

    In case of problems with the retainer, please contact our orthodontist in the centre of Munich as soon as possible so that we can solve the problem. In the meantime, you can cover the retainer with some silicone wax.

  • How much does it cost to repair the retainer?

    The repair costs for a retainer can vary greatly and depend on what exactly is broken and what type, shape and material it is. The costs for this can vary between 100 € and 400 €. Feel free to contact our orthodontists in the center of Munich for more information. 

  • My teeth are shifting despite retainers. What can I do?

    If there are difficulties with the retainer after the orthodontic treatment, it is best to contact us. In our orthodontic clinic in downtown Munich, we can quickly and easily determine where exactly the problem is located and correct the problem so that the teeth do not move any further. 

  • Do ceramic brackets discolour?

    Treatment with ceramic brackets is particularly discrete, as they can be matched to the individual tooth shade. They have the advantage that they retain their original colour even when worn for longer periods of time. Even colorants in tea, coffee or nicotine do not affect the ceramic brackets.

  • Which electric toothbrush is best used for brackets?

    Since dental care is somewhat limited with fixed braces, regular and thorough cleaning should be ensured. Sonic toothbrushes are best suited for oral care with brackets. We would be happy to provide you with individual information on this in our orthodontics practice in downtown Munich.

  • What should I do if a bracket comes loose?

    For a successful treatment it is very important that the braces fit properly. Therefore, if you have any problems with the braces, it is best to contact us immediately.

  • An attachment of my Aligner splint has been lost.

    The loss of an attachment (for fixing the splint) during aligner therapy is not an immediate emergency. However, the aligners do have an effect on the tooth. The reattachment can easily be done at the next routine check-up appointment in our orthodontic practice Seehofer in downtown Munich.

  • Fixed braces and pregnancy

    During pregnancy itself and also during a planned pregnancy, we generally advise against orthodontic treatment, as the gums usually become irritated and inflamed more quickly. Furthermore, in case of problems, it is not possible to take an x-ray of the jaw or the dental situation.