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Digital scan at the orthodontist in Munich - Dental practice Seehofer

CAD/CAM - Digital Orthodontics in Munich

  • Yes we scan! Digital impressions at the orthodontist

    In the orthodontic context, "digital impression" means the precise mapping of the current situation of the teeth and jaw. With the help of a special device, the positions of the teeth can be measured from the mouth and transferred directly to the computer. This enables a particularly fast analysis and processing of the diagnosis and in the second step a particularly precise creation of orthodontic appliances. 

  • Advantages of digital impressions at the orthodontist's

    The so-called digital impression offers special advantages for our patients during orthodontic treatment. Instead of the traditional dental impression with a special paste (e.g. made of silicone), a three-dimensional image of the teeth is created in our orthodontics clinic in Munich with the help of a small scanner. This type of impression technique is much more comfortable for the patient and enables the dentist to work precisely.

    From the analysis and diagnosis to the creation of the orthodontic appliances, everything is stored and planned with millimetre precision. Already in the first treatment session we can create a computer simulation with the Insignia™ 3D Scan, which gives you a first look at your corrected teeth. 

  • The treatment with CAD/CAM

    The terms CAD and CAM stand for the design and machine production of orthodontic appliances. The application of these software in our orthodontics department in Munich enables an innovative treatment of your dental problems. With the help of a 3D computer simulation, the entire treatment process can be planned in detail.

    The millimetre-precise measurement of your mouth and jaw situation also enables the perfect fit of the braces made individually for you and thus an optimal treatment result. Whether fixed braces or invisible braces, with our 3D scan we can record your tooth position precisely. The procedure is much more comfortable than a conventional dental impression. 

  • CAD/CAM at the dentist - Costs

    The scan is not covered by the statutory insurance companies, but can be claimed within the scope of a non-contractual service. 

    Private insurance companies usually cover the costs of a digital impression and further processing.