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Invisible Braces - Invisalign® for Adults and Children in Munich

  • What is Invisalign®?

    Especially during orthodontic treatment, many patients find wearing visible, fixed braces uncomfortable. They do not want outsiders to be able to see the braces on their teeth.

    With the transparent Invisalign® braces we offer patients in our orthodontics practice in the centre of Munich a particularly gentle and discrete correction of misaligned teeth. The transparent dental splints cover the teeth like a thin skin and are barely visible to outsiders, yet very effective. The Invisalign® splints are therefore known as braces for adults or as invisible braces.

    The individual plastic splints are made based on the current dental situation. The aligners are transparent and can be removed and reattached at any time for dental care and eating. They can therefore be easily integrated into everyday life.

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  • Invisalign® – Treatment procedure

    n a first consultation in our practice in Munich we will check whether your teeth are suitable for a correction with Invisalign®. Subsequently, precise images of the current tooth situation are made with the help of our 3D scan. X-rays are also taken and the dental and jaw structure is thoroughly examined. The 3D scan replaces the classical dental impression in our practice. It is much more comfortable for our patients. With the software specially developed for orthodontics by Align ®, you can take a look at your corrected teeth during the first consultation using a simulation.

    After evaluation of the diagnostic documents, we create a detailed treatment and cost plan for a therapy with the Aligner systems. Once the transparent aligners have been made, they will be fitted in our practice in a further appointment. You will receive tips and tricks for inserting and removing the splints and on how to clean them thoroughly. Several pairs of aligners are necessary to move the teeth into the desired position. These differ minimally from each other and are changed every two weeks in our orthodontics department in Munich.

    The splints exert a certain amount of pressure and move the teeth slowly but effectively into the desired position, step by step. A check-up appointment in our orthodontics department is necessary about every six weeks to ensure that the treatment is proceeding correctly. 

  • Invisalign® - Costs and health insurance

    The statutory health insurance companies do not cover the costs of an Aligner therapy with Invisalign®. Here patients have to bear the costs themselves. 

    The private insurance companies are not uniform in their reimbursement. It is recommended to forward a treatment plan, which includes the Aligner Therapy, to the insurance company and to clarify the reimbursement.

Further information

  • Straightening teeth without fixed braces - Duration

    How long an Invisalign® treatment takes depends primarily on the degree of the deformity. As a rule, the treatment duration of a tooth correction with the Aligner Systems varies between 9 and 18 months. In order to achieve the desired result as quickly as possible, we recommend wearing the splints 20 to 22 hours a day. 

  • Invisalign® - Care and cleaning

    The Invisalign® splints as well as the teeth should be cleaned especially carefully during the treatment. The aligners must be removed for this purpose and can be cleaned with some liquid soap or dishwashing detergent and a soft toothbrush. They should then be washed thoroughly with warm water. Cleaning the aligners with toothpaste should be avoided. The particles contained can roughen the surfaces of the aligners, which can cause them to discolour more quickly. 

    The teeth should also always be thoroughly brushed and the interdental spaces should be flossed before the aligners are reinserted.