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  • What is a retainer?

    A retainer, also known as a tooth stabilizer, is an orthodontic appliance that holds the teeth in the corrected position after orthodontic treatment. Retainers are used for the long-term stabilisation of teeth that would otherwise move back into the old false position. 

  • Retainer - Types

    In orthodontics there are different types of retainers that ensure that your teeth remain in the correct position even after treatment with braces. Basically, a distinction is made between fixed and removable retainers. If slight to medium tooth misalignments have been straightened, a removable retainer is sufficient to prevent the teeth from moving again. For severe malocclusions we recommend the fixed retainer. 

  • Retainer - Treatment procedure and duration

    To keep the teeth in the correct position, fixed retainers are attached along the inside of the teeth. In the first step, an exact impression of the tooth position in the mouth is made in our orthodontics practice in Munich's city centre. The impression can be made either with a plastic impression material or digitally with a special 3D scanner. This procedure is much more comfortable for the patient than the procedure of making a conventional dental impression and provides precise images that serve as a basis for the creation of the retainers. The wire is then glued to the inside of the tooth.

    The insertion of the retainer usually only takes a few minutes.  Make an appointment now at our Munich Orthodontic Clinic!

Further Information

  • Is a retainer necessary?

    Retainers are necessary to prevent the teeth from moving back into their old position after wearing braces. They are therefore a useful orthodontic treatment to help you achieve a lasting and beautiful smile. 

  • How long must a retainer be worn?

    The rule of thumb is that the retention phase should last at least as long as the actual treatment of the tooth correction. In some cases, we recommend wearing the retainers for longer and in case of very severe malocclusions, lifelong permanent retention may also be useful to prevent the teeth from shifting again.

    Let the orthodontists at the Seehofer practice provide you with detailed advice on this special topic.