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Orthodontist Munich Lehel - Dr. Gabriele Gündel in Munich

Holistic orthodontics in Munich

What does holistic orthodontics mean?  In our practice Seehofer we understand this term to mean the holistic view of the chewing apparatus. Our dentists and orthodontists are trained not only to treat the symptoms, but also to get to the bottom of the cause of complaints or malocclusions.

Symptoms such as headaches or neck tensions, for example, can indicate a disorder of the chewing system, even if this is usually not the first thought that comes to mind. Misalignments of teeth and jaws can also be caused by bad habits such as swallowing disorders or lip biting.

We therefore offer our patients a holistic, sustainable treatment and orthodontics to adjust healthy functions of breathing and swallowing. We would be happy to advise you in detail in our dental practice Seehofer in downtown Munich - make an appointment now!