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Surgical Orthodontics in Munich

  • Jaw malpositions (dysgnathia) - treatment and operation

    A so-called dysgnathia is a malpositioning of the jaw, which can affect, among other things, the position of the upper and lower jaw relative to each other as well as the shape of the jaw. If a simple orthodontic treatment is no longer sufficient to realign the bite, oral surgery may become necessary. 

    Orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery work hand in hand in our dental practice Seehofer in order to compensate a malocclusion and to achieve the best possible result. In order to correct the malpositioned teeth, the first step is an orthodontic treatment with braces. Depending on the severity of the malocclusion, it takes between 6 months and a year to straighten the teeth to the best possible position. Our experienced orthodontist, Dr. Gabriele Gündel, ensures that your treatment is as pleasant as possible. 
    Then, based on the results obtained, the oral surgery is planned digitally and using the latest methods. With the help of digital volume therapy (DTV), three-dimensional images of the jaw and the course of the nerve tracts are taken, which among other things make an important contribution to the precise planning of the operation.

    The jaw surgery technique is chosen individually on the basis of the diagnostic findings in order to achieve the best possible results. In the case of very pronounced malocclusions, this usually allows correction of both jaws. The incisions necessary to mobilize the jaws are made inside the oral cavity, so there are no permanent, visible scars later on. 

    After the upper and lower jaws have been brought into the planned position, the position is fixed with the help of special 3D titanium mini plates. This method allows the patient to speak and eat soft food immediately after the treatment. The maxillofacial surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes between 2 - 4 hours, depending on the severity of the malposition.

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  • Jaw operations - Costs and health insurance

    If there is an indication for an operative correction of the situation, the statutory health insurance will generally cover the costs for the orthodontic pre-treatment and the operation, even for adult patients.

    Depending on the agreed tariff, private insurance companies also cover the operative combined orthodontic and surgical treatment procedures.