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Orthodontist Munich Lehel - Dr. Gabriele Gündel during treatment
Damon braces/ brackets at the Orthodontist in Munich, Photo by Ormco

Individualized treatment at the Orthodontist in Munich

  • Insignia

    With Insignia™ we enable our patients in our Seehofer dental practice to precisely calculate and plan the entire orthodontic treatment process. An impression of your current tooth and jaw situation is converted into a 3D model and a special program calculates the optimal positioning of the brackets for the best possible result. It takes into account all factors relevant for the correction, such as tooth shape and tooth structure. The brackets are milled individually for your teeth in a special laboratory and allow for an orthodontic treatment tailored to your needs. 

  • Aligner

    A treatment with Invisalign® allows for an inconspicuous and efficient straightening of the teeth with the help of invisible dental splints. Invisalign® is the optimal solution for patients who prefer to show their smile rather than their braces and who place particular value on a discrete appliance, as it does not interfere with their everyday life. Without brackets and wires, the splint systems are made in our in-house laboratory based on your current dental situation and are replaced at two-week intervals to move the teeth into the correct position piece by piece. 

  • WIN® lingual braces

    With the individualized brackets and arches of a WIN® appliance, even severe tooth misalignments can be corrected effectively and aesthetically. Brackets and arches are attached to the inside of the tooth and are therefore not visible from the outside. By adjusting the brackets and arches based on the anatomical characteristics of your jaw and the position and shape of your teeth, the correction with lingual technology is particularly precise and efficient. 

  • Damon® - self-ligating brackets

    The passive self-ligating Damon® brackets have a special closure cap into which the treatment arch can be easily clicked. Rubber rings or wires, which are necessary with conventional brackets, are thus superfluous. There is less friction and the pressure on the teeth is more even, which makes the treatment much more comfortable for the patient.

    Effective treatment and fewer appointments in the orthodontic practice are further advantages. The brackets are also very unobtrusive and easy to clean. Other advantages are a more effective treatment, fewer dental appointments and ceramic Damon Clear® brackets made of ceramic support natural aesthetics. 

  • Positioner

    A Positioner is used in the final phase of an orthodontic treatment and ensures the fine correction of the teeth to each other. It covers the upper and lower jaws in one and is only used for a short time before a retainer is inserted. The device, made of silicone material, is individually manufactured for you in our laboratory.

We would be happy to advise you in detail during a consultation in our orthodontic department.