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Removable Braces for Children and Adults in Munich

  • Removable braces - How they work

    Removable braces correct misalignments of teeth and jaws and should be worn daily for optimal treatment results.

    The braces consist of a plastic plate which can be made in any colour. The plates are equipped with small screws and wire springs that exert pressure on the teeth and jaw to move them in the intended direction. A particular advantage of the removable braces is that they can be easily taken out at any time for eating and brushing teeth. Adults can also be treated with removable braces to correct misalignments. However, treatment here usually takes a little longer because the jaw is already fully grown and therefore not so easy to influence.

    For a discreet but very effective correction of teeth, we would also be happy to advise you on treatment with transparent Invisalign® dental splints.

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  • Removable Braces - Treatment procedure and duration

    In an initial consultation at our orthodontic clinic in Munich's City Centre, teeth and jaws are first examined and the possible treatment options in the individual case are discussed.

    If a removable brace is ultimately chosen, a detailed analysis is made and a treatment plan is drawn up. A 3D scan as well as an X-ray of the current mouth and jaw situation is necessary for a perfectly fitting brace. The 3D scan with our state-of-the-art scanner from Align® replaces the classic dental impressions and is the much more comfortable option for our patients. In addition, this software, specially developed for orthodontics, allows a simulation of your corrected tooth position.

    In our in-house laboratory, the braces are now manufactured by a specially trained and certified dental technician, taking into account individual wishes (such as colour), and are precisely fitted to the teeth in the next appointment. At intervals of about four weeks, the wires and springs of the braces are optimized accordingly to apply permanent pressure to the teeth.

    At best, the removable braces are worn 16 hours a day. Once the teeth have been moved into the correct position, the retention phase follows to prevent the teeth from returning to their old shape. The duration of treatment varies individually and depends primarily on the severity of the malocclusion, the patient's compliance and how well the teeth or jaws respond to the treatment.

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Further information

  • What is the optimal care and cleaning of loose braces?

    To prevent the formation of bacteria, bad breath and caries, braces (whether fixed or removable) require special care and cleaning.  Removable braces should be cleaned thoroughly every day with a little liquid soap or biological detergent and a soft toothbrush and then rinsed well with warm water.

    Avoid cleaning the braces with toothpaste, as the particles contained in it can roughen the surfaces of the braces which can cause them to discolour faster. The braces box should also be regularly washed and dried. If the braces do not fit properly or if braces are bent or broken, the path should lead to the orthodontist, because this can cause permanent harm to the teeth.

  • For whom are removable braces suitable?

    Removable braces are usually used for slight tooth misalignments such as overbite, crowded teeth or deep bites. In children and adolescents, the treatment can regulate jaw growth at an early stage.