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Anti-snoring mouthguards (mandibular advancement device) at the dentist

  • Anti-snoring mouthguard - Treatment procedure

    You suffer from insomnia and you feel tired in the morning? In addition, does your partner complain daily about your loud, nightly snoring? In our dental practice we help you to get a restful sleep without loud snoring noises with a anti-snoring mouthpiece (mandibular advancement device). A detailed diagnosis with the help of consulting ENT specialists, sleep laboratories, sleep screening devices and sleep diagnosis apps are included in our therapy offer. 

    In a first step, an impression of the existing teeth is made in our dental practice Seehofer in downtown Munich. This impression can either be made with a plastic impression material or digitally produced by means of a 3D scan. This procedure is much more comfortable for the patient than taking a conventional dental impression. Based on the impression or the digital scan, two plastic mouthguards for upper and lower jaw are now produced in our in-house practice laboratory

    By placing a small metal connection between the two mouthguards, the patient's lower jaw is moved slightly forward when worn. By adjusting the metal joint, the construction can be individually adapted to determine the required distance exactly. The changed position of the lower jaw means that the tongue no longer falls backwards when the patient relaxes during sleep, which usually causes snoring. This means that the throat area remains open even when the muscles are relaxed during sleep.

    Find out more about the possibilities of a anti-snoring mouthguard in our dental practice Seehofer in downtown Munich and look forward to a restful sleep. Make an appointment now!

  • The causes of snoring

    Snoring, also known as ronchopathy, can have very different causes, such as disturbed nasal breathing, enlarged polyps or swollen tonsils. Especially for the bed partner of the snorer, the nightly noise level can become a burden. Triggers of the unpleasant snoring noise are basically all influences that impede the airflow of the respiratory tract at night. Obesity also often plays a role. In most cases, the reason is the muscles in the throat area that go limp during the night, where the soft palate and pharyngeal uvula begin to vibrate and cause the snoring sound. Wearing an anti-snoring mouthguard can prevent this slackening or obstruction of air flow. 

  • How to clean your anti-snoring mouthguard

    Clean your anti-snoring mouthguard every morning after wearing it with a simple toothbrush and toothpaste to prevent bacteria from accumulating. Once a week you should soak the mouthpiece in water during the day and add a braces cleaning tablet to help remove more stubborn deposits.