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Dentist Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour during dental treatment at the dental practice Seehofer in Munich

Aesthetic dentures in Munich

  • What is a denture?

    In principle, dental prostheses are understood to be everything that goes beyond simple tooth fillings and is produced by a dental technician. Aesthetics and function of teeth that have been damaged due to caries, age-related wear and tear or an accident can be restored with the help of various types of dental prosthesis. 

    In our Seehofer dental practice we also offer our patients the replacement of teeth with the help of dental implants. We would be happy to advise you personally in our practice. Make an appointment now!

  • What types of dentures are available in the practice?

    In our dental practice Seehofer we attach great importance to dental prostheses of the highest dental standard and work with innovative techniques and instruments to ensure that our patients receive the most comfortable treatment possible.

    For damaged teeth that can no longer be restored with a simple filling, so-called inlays and onlays or partial crowns are recommended, depending on the size of the defect. They can replace a larger part of an irreparable tooth. If a tooth is missing, it is advisable to make 
    a dental bridge to restore aesthetics and chewing function in the long term. If the damaged tooth still has a healthy and firm root, a crown can be considered, which protects the remaining tooth stump from external influences and has the functionality and aesthetics of a natural tooth.

    We will be happy to decide which dental prosthesis is most suitable in each individual case in a consultation with you. We will inform you about your individual possibilities and answer open questions about dental prosthesis.