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Dentist Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour during the treatment

Wax-up and mock-up at the dentist in Munich

  • Precise planning of your dental treatment

    With the help of special dental technical procedures, we enable our patients in our dental practice Seehofer in the centre of Munich to have a look at the possible results even before the treatment. Wax-up and mock-up are the models that make dental treatment plannable. From both a functional and aesthetic point of view, our patients can influence the design of the dental prosthesis or orthodontic measures

  • What is a wax-up?

    The so-called wax-up enables the patient to have a look at the possible final result before the actual treatment. The "new" teeth of the patient are constructed on a plaster model with the help of special wax. The dental technique allows the chewing surfaces to be displayed after the dental or orthodontic treatment. The treatment procedure can be explained more easily and the patient can express individual wishes, e.g. regarding the length, shape and position of the new teeth. 

  • What is a mock-up? - Mock-up to go

    You would like to know how your new teeth will feel before you start your dental treatment? With a mock-up to go, this is possible. After creating the wax-up described above, the dental technician will develop a so-called mock-up based on it, consisting of plastic shells that can be easily attached to the existing teeth. In this way the teeth can be tried on and tested. Requests for changes and adjustments are still possible at this stage before the final result is worked out. In this way you can get a feeling for your new teeth, their functionality and aesthetics even before the treatment and can still express individual wishes in exchange with the dentist and dental technician.

  • Tooth-coloured rails (Snap on rail)

    The so-called Snap-On rail is an instrument of digital dentistry that we offer our patients in our dental practice Seehofer in downtown Munich. This is a tooth-coloured, temporary splint that can be easily clicked onto the existing teeth and removed again. Similar to the mock-up, a snap-on splint offers the patient the opportunity to try out his or her "new" teeth and to express requests for adjustments in terms of aesthetics or functionality. The splint, made of special plastic, can be tested for up to 3 months without any problems.

  • PMMA chips

    PMMA chips are, similar to veneers, thin sheathings that are applied to the tooth surface. However, they consist of a special plastic (polymethyl methacrylate) which is used in dentistry for the production of full dentures, fillings and long-term temporaries. In our dental practice PMMA chips are usually used for long-term temporary veneers. In this way we enable our patients who require prosthetic treatment (e.g. a bite elevation) to get an idea of the possible treatment results in advance.